Manchester vice – Jack Strange

So if you follow my reviews this isn’t my normal book of choice, I’d skip it in a pile of books opting instead for a good memoir. What a story I would have missed! With that in mind do forgive me if the review is not a typical fiction review.

This is not a bedtime read, well not for me anyway! I made that mistake but should have kept reading a little further. The book is intense to begin with but mellows out a little (or did I just get use to the horror that lay within?) as we journey with Brad a crime reporter from a fictional Manchester newspaper. From a meeting with Jim, a prison inmate, Brad life spirals out of control in a way he could never have expected.

The chapters where very short, while I was reading it I couldn’t decide if I liked that or not but as I was finishing the real reason for this became clear. At the beginning I did find it slightly predictable but not so much in the latter half of the book, I think Jack Strange has carefully written the book so to begin with we relate to Brad, but has he begins to spiral out of control his actions become less and less predictable.

While I try to ensure spoilers aren’t given in any review as I think that takes the magic away from a book, I have to say this one has a great ending. It wasn’t what I was expecting at all! I was confused by the slight tense change in Chapter 60 (don’t worry, some chapters are a page, it’s not a monster of a book!), it made perfect sense in the end.

While it has nothing to do with the content of the book I felt this was something worth mentioning, the font in the paper edition of the book is excellent. While I don’t tend to openly discuss I have dyslexia, I feel it is worth discussing here. It will often slow down my reading as words can jumble together, I always persist with my trusty ruler separating the lines out but I didn’t need to with this book! A* for font choice.

Two criticisms that don’t affect the reading or enjoyment of the book but worth a quick mention, the first while I like the cover (especially the I) as a Manchester girl I couldn’t help notice the landmarks on there are not all Manchester, while we did have a wheel it was rather short-lived and doesn’t reside here anymore. The second, well I think the note I made at the time of reading it sums up how I feel about it well. A human murder? Crack on. A cat drugged? No.

Thanks to the Author for the book as part of a Goodread’s giveaway!

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